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Clarifications of Intent

US TAG ISO/TC 242 Clarifications of Intent

The U.S. ISO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) sanctioned body to develop and advance the official U.S. position in the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) Technical Committee 301, which developed ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems and the related series of international energy management documents. The U.S. delegated to the U.S. TAG the authority to represent it in TC 301 WG 1, which has responsibility for three standards; ISO 50001 “Energy Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for Use”, and ISO 50004 “Energy management systems- Guidance for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of an energy management system” as well as  ISO 50003 ” Energy management systems – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of energy management systems” . These standards have been carefully negotiated, with language carefully chosen to reflect delicate compromises and flexibility in their use and application.

Recognizing that questions of intent may arise from time to time in various settings, the U.S. TAG has established a formal process to respond to questions regarding clarification of the ISO 50001 standard. The responses will reflect U.S. TAG understanding of this standard as intended during its drafting. The process by which the U.S. TAG responds to questions is documented in the work instructions annex for “Operating Procedures of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO/TC 301”. A summary of that process follows.

1. All questions must be submitted in written or electronic form to:

US TAG to TC 301
Attention: Administrator, Deann Desai
1050 Willow Ridge
Athens, Georgia 30606 OR


2. The contact information of the submitter must be included.

3. Questions should be posed in a question format, as specific as possible, and preferably, in a style to facilitate a concise answer. Questions that are not clear will be returned to the submitter for clarification.

4. Responses will be prepared by Clarification of Intent Drafting Group, which consists of the Administrator, at least one of the U.S. Working Group experts who participated in the drafting of the ISO 50001 and one who participates in 50004 standards, and others, as appropriate, who assisted in the formulation of U.S. positions on these standards and the auditing standards. The Drafting Group shall be chaired by the Administrator. Responses will be developed based on this group’s consensus understanding of the intent of the Working Group members who drafted the standard.

5. After confirmation by the U.S. TAG and review by the U.S. TAG, final responses will be provided to the party that submitted the question and will be widely disseminated through the media and other publication channels, including submission to the ANSI/ASQ National Accreditation Program (ANAB) and the joint group for Energy Management ANSI/ANAB.

You can download the current Clarification of Intent here.

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