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US Tag ISO/TC 301

What does the TAG do?

Each country that has membership in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is represented by a national organization.  In the United States the member organization is ANSI.  ANSI accredits Technical Advisory Groups (TAG) which develops their country’s position on activities and ballots the relevant documents from a Technical Committee. In the United States, the national inputs to ISO 301-Energy Management and Energy Savings (TAG 301).

Participation in the TAG provides an opportunity for representatives of all affected U.S. constituencies (industry, commercial buildings, equipment, utilities, services, et al) to influence the development of international standards which have become a foundation of international trade.

What are the benefits of being a TAG member?

  • Strategic Influence: Develop the US position concerning which standards will be created, and in what order, and to serve what purposes. Involvement in this strategic influence is of benefit to the organization and individual.
  • Technical influence: Develop the US positions that are presented in the working groups responsible for creation of ISO standards in TC 301. TAG members may also volunteer to become a US delegate and to present the US positions at international meetings.
  • Early access: Access to the documents early in their development or revision that others do not have. Members with early access to an evolving standard can provide input into its development, thus
    1) reducing the risk of standards that are incompatible with existing or planned products or services, and
    2) providing valuable information on compliance with future requirements.
  • Individual benefits: Opportunity to interact with and learn from the highly knowledgeable technical experts, create a personal network of contacts for valuable technical advice and for interpretation of standard requirements, participate in the deliberations, and hear many points of view on important issues.
  • Leadership: Develop experience in teamwork and in the art of consensus building, both of which are directly transferable to other work areas.

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