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MSE Standards – Interpretations

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Interpretations for SEP related documents.

Instructions for Requesting an Interpretation

This page provides information on how to request an interpretation of a MSE standard that was developed by GTESS. This does not include MSE standards that are Identical National Adoptions of ISO standards, such as ANSI/ISO/MSE 50001-2018. Interpretations of standards that are Identical Adoptions of ISO standards must be requested from the appropriate U.S. Technical Advisory Group (USTAG). [Click here for Clarification on Intent information for the USTAG to ISO/TC 242.]

As an ANSI-accredited standards development organization, GTESS has established an Interpretations process designed to clarify, as needed and requested, the intent of specific requirements set forth in the MSE standards developed by GTESS.

MSE standards developed by GTESS have been carefully crafted, negotiated over a period of years, with language carefully chosen to reflect delicate compromises and technical viewpoints among multiple stakeholders. It is recognized that questions of intent concerning the requirements of MSE standards may arise from time to time in various settings. It is through the GTESS Interpretations process that clarifications of intent of the MSE standards can be requested.

Requesting an Interpretation/Clarification of Intent:

For questions on a requirement in a GTESS standard, the process is as follows:

1) The requester submits the question in the online form in a format that can be answered either YES or NO.

Note: If a question is submitted that cannot be answered with a YES or NO, it will be returned to the requester for clarification.

2)The standards coordinator receives and ensures the request is considered and provides a draft interpretation to the board for review. The development of the draft can take up to 30 business days.

3)The board reviews and votes on the interpretation (10 business days).

4)The interpretation is provided to the requester via email after approval of the board.

Mail question to:

GTESS Standards Coordinator
Georgia Institute of Technology
Enterprise Innovation Institute
75 5th Street, Suite 3000
Atlanta, GA 30332-0640 USA

The GTESS Interpretations Committee will respond within 40 business days of receipt of the Request.